What is a Personal Buyers Concierge Service?

Personal Buyers Concierge Service (PBCS), is more of an experience for U.S. Real Estate Investors that want to build an empire or just have their money work smarter while owning a tangible asset that can be passed down to the next generation. We are dedicated, trusted and experienced individuals that will help, find, close, rehab, resale, place tenants, and manage the property that fits your personal strategy of wealth-building … Yes, we are here to serve you and your vision!

Who needs this service?

If you are a new or experienced Investor, who wants to use U.S. Real Estate as a tool to create income this service is for you. Leverage real estate to maximize tax benefits or, just simply expand into the U. S., Cleveland market from another city, state, or from across the globe with ease, we can help. We work with Investors in multiple countries and cities and with all levels of experience because our market offers a steady 8% – 15% ROI. We are the most trusted and have the most knowledge about our backyard. We offer not simply just boots on the ground, but a partner with intimate knowledge of the city and a direct line to its heartbeat, where your best interest is our priority. With this service, all properties purchased threw your Personal Concierge will qualify for all of the amenities only available with your PBCS. THERE ARE NO UPFRONT FEES!! TO QUALIFY YOU MUST COMMIT TO PURCHASING THE MINIMUM 4-6 PROPERTIES PER QUARTER AND PROVIDE PROOF THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DO SO. That’s it! 🙂

Why was this service created?

The reason we have created this exclusive service is that the market has been flooded with new and inexperienced people that are being trained incorrectly by Gurus with little or no experience…and they both are ruining the business we love! So we have rolled out a full-service program to help you invest more comfortably and confidently with little to no hard work, in our city and the U.S..

The second point is about you the investor. You are the #1 reason we created this program..to help you make acquisitions more confidently knowing that your investment will be serviced, protected, and well maintained just like you would do yourself. We represent and serve you with courteous and integrity-filled efforts while bringing you the best properties (below market value and a ROI or 8%-15%) for your strategy. It is not our intention to satisfy you the Investor or to please you the Investory. Our intention is to Amaze you!”

The third point is more passionate and personal, more about the future of how we can create more homeowners and find quality renters threw our partnerships and networks. Our plan is to provide homeownership to anyone that has a desire. You see we believe the future of buying and selling real estate is going to be Owner Financing…Yes, Owner financing!!

So we are expanding our relationships and turning the Owner financing tool into a full-blown system to go along with the PBCS. We have a credit repair system in place, finances or budget section, “my home is paid off what to do now?” section. We have several Note Buyers so you can cash out if you decide to use this tool or you can create consistent monthly cash flow while the tenant-buyer is responsible for the repairs, maintenance, taxes insurance, etc, you just have to collect your mailbox monies!.

How does it work?

Glad you asked! 🙂 You as a PBCS exclusive member will have a personal representative assigned to you for all of your REI needs. This rep will listen to your strategy and give valuable feedback that only a Cleveland Ohio native will have access to. You will also be privileged to access off-market deals 24 hours before they are available to our lesser-privileged investors. Your rep will be able to answer your calls or emails in way less time because you will be their primary focus.

You will have access to services and benefit from our great relationships, that our regular investors will not have like, first look at portfolios or special opportunities like partnering with us on flips or apartment purchases an awesome property management,investor-friendly realtors and fast priority closing with title companies we have a great relationship with and we extend this relationship to you!

Your rehab projects will have the highest priority and our best team of experienced, qualified professionals. We can quickly place & manage a quality tenant with our highly efficient Property Management Team so you can begin to receive your mailbox money faster with no worries about your investment or we can help you sell the property for a nice profit…it will be protected and treated like our own, so you can focus on the strategy building for your legacy. We will do the work..you reap all the benefits!

PBCS Amenities!

  1. Your personal concierge is available at all times for questions and exclusive offers on deals.
  2. Priority closings.
  3. Partnership opportunities with us on US Real Estate projects.
  4. Great property management.
  5. Customize services to fit your strategy-*buy and hold -you will receive turn key & violation free offers with high-quality tenants.*Flips – you will have a team of experienced professionals on the job. –*Owner financing – We provide the paperwork the tenant/investor-buyer, rehab team, and the note buyer on the back end!!
  6. Inspection report for every property with your signed Purchase Agreement placed in the title company.
  7. Notice of off-market deals 24hrs before anyone else sees them.
  8. You decide how you would like to be notified of new properties? (text, call, email)

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy just fill in the form below and one of our reps will give you a call to welcome you to the family and understand your strategy or simply answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested to hear more about our Owner Financing Program please ask your Concierge and they will be glad to answer any and all questions.

This is an exclusive offer we only accept a few investors a year so we can give you and your investment the attention and priority you deserve! (IF YOUR NOT AT THIS LEVEL YET AND WOULD LIKE TO DISCUSS SOME OPTIONS FOR STREGIES TO HELP YOU GET THERE PLEASE CONTACT US.)

“We look forward to serving you!”

Personal Buyers Concierge Service

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